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Eric Young is Confucius; You Won't Understand a Thing Written by Either

This is just ... wow.

What editor let obvious oversights and incorrect facts pass by? No mention of Ben Zobrist (I'd say he stuck out all season), Jeff Niemann (over .500, which, okay this is a stupid way of judging a starter, but he is over .500), and somehow tabbed Matt Garza and James Shields as going a combined 16-19 last season. Again, not the best or third  best or 95th best way to evaluate a starting pitcher, but Shields and Garza most definitely did not go 16-19 last season.

I don't even know what this means and I wouldn't like it if I did:

Rays manager Joe Maddon took a chance by bringing in seven position players and two pitchers he thought could get it done. Instead, they have struggled on routine plays.

Erik brought this to my attention and I cannot thank him enough. I normally avoid highlighting awful pieces but this is proof positive that some people spend too much time on their catchphrases and not enough time understanding the sport they're trying -- key word here -- to cover. I wonder what Young did to piss his editor off enough to run this article.