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Wade Davis as Das Wunderkind

I'm not trying to scare anyone with this comparison and I'm not sure they're really all that comparable to begin with. Still, it's a nice reminder that we're dealing with - and will continue to deal with through the end of this season - a really small sample size of Wade Davis performances. He has pitched wonderfully, but let's not confuse it for his expected true talent level.  

Anyhow, here's my contribution to the worst month in Rays history:

Davis: 3 GS, 18.2 IP, 29.7% K, 8.1% uBB, 37.8% GB, 76.7% Contact

Pitcher X: 5 GS, 35.1 IP, 19.3% K, 9.63% uBB, 33.7% GB, 75.3% Contact

So far Davis has struck out a few more, walked a few less, induced some more grounders, and has about the same contact rate.  The similarities fail to end there.

Both are local, 6'4"-6'5", right-handed power pitchers. Pitcher X's first career start was impressive, much like Davis', as he went 9 innings, allowed two hits, zero runs, walked a pair, and struck out seven in front of family and friends in early September. Pitcher X's fastball also sat in the low-to-mid 90s and he threw a plus slider. Much was made over his maturity and bulldog mentality on the mound as well as his issues with command and need for a better change-up.

All-and-all, Pitcher X would appear in 60 games for the Rays, throwing 315 innings, striking out 177, walking 105, and posting underwhelming statistics before injuries ran him out of town. You may recall him, he goes by the name Doug Waechter.