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Off-Season Wish List: Part One

At one point or another all of these will (likely) be transcribed into posts of their own, so if you something doesn't quite make sense at this point, it will in the near future. I'm simply posting this as a "to-do-list" for myself as much as anything. Anyhow, my initial off-season hopes for the Rays:

1. Sniff the Felix Hernandez trade front.

2. Glance Aroldis Chapman's way.

3. Secure the bullpen by looking towards some cheap free agent arms like Joaquin Benoit.

4. Look into trading for a cheap few pen arms - like Jason Frasor, Michael Wuertz, etc.

5. Ask Rick Peterson to be a full-time consultant.

6. Secure minor league/bench depth through low-key trades/free agent signings.


14. Replace Kevin Kennedy.