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Where Does James Shields Pitch Within the Zone?

I'm not sure where this will go or what it accomplishes, but I was fooling around with some pitchfx data and created this. Well, let me explain it before showing you. I took all of James Shields pitches within the normalized strike zone against right-handed batters and broke it into nine segments. I then found the frequency of pitches in each respective zone. What's shown below is a visual box with the percentages - note: this is not full season data, it's missing a few starts, and this is only for pitches within the strike zone, not necessarily strikes.



This is from the catcher's perspective, so Shields rarely challenges righties up and in; under  7% of the time. He does prefer working in the middle/down part of the zones, which makes sense given his stuff. His avoidance of the inner-half of the plate makes sense too. Not often do you see same-handed pitchers challenging batters with their change-ups. I guess what's most striking is the nearly equal distribution. I'll have to check some other pitches to see how Shields compares in spreading pitches out, but I think this is a better method than spray charts of thousands of pitches.