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How Does Desmond Jennings Stack Up to Evan Longoria & Delmon Young?

On the heels of his 7-7 performance last night, let's take a look at how Desmond Jennings compares to the the Rays two big positional prospects since adopting Montgomery as their Double-A affiliate. Those obviously being Longoria and Young.

First up, AA stats:

Montg. PA BB% SO% ISO Age
Jennings 440 10.9 13.6 0.170 22
Longoria 556 9.4 20.8 0.221 20/21
Young 370 6.8 20 0.246 19


Older, more walks, less strikeouts and power.


Durham PA BB% SO% ISO Age
Jennings 116 15.5 14.9 0.191 22
Longoria 158 16.5 26.4 0.178 21/22
Young 604 3.1 17.2 0.159 19/20


Older, almost equal walks, less strikeouts, more power, but a smaller sample size.

Longoria and Young were consensus top 10 prospects, Jennings wasn't quite there entering the year, and I don't know if he's there now, but statistically he matches up pretty well and plays an equal position to Longoria. He may not make his major league debut this season, but he is a fantastic talent and if you aren't excited about him, get excited about him.