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Carlos Pena Breaks Two Fingers; Done For 2009 Season

Terrible news and I'm not talking about the current state of the Rays bullpen. After taking a CC Sabathia pitch off the left hand, first basemen Carlos Pena is done for the season. Los will miss the remaining 25 games after breaking the index and middle fingers on his left hand.

Pena spent most of the season battling an unlucky BABIP of .253 which sunk his batting average to .228. His power, however, never left as he belted 39 home runs and became the first Rays player to hit 30 home runs and 100 RBI in three straight seasons. A few weeks ago, interest started picking up in Pena's quest for a 40 home run/40 single season. Unfortunately, the injury has dashed any hopes of that, and Pena will finish with 41 singles and 39 home runs.

Pena had a down season defensively, and will finish just short of the 3 WAR threshold, something he had reached in each of his first two seasons with the club. There is a chance Pena could be dealt in the off-season, however, I doubt that happens. The Rays playoffs chances have all but faded, however, I bet Carlos Pena was the one player who was still keeping hope alive.

As R.J. said our :)% is down to 0 right now.  Good luck to Chris Richard who is probably a nice guy, but is no Carlos Pena.