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David Price's Night in New York

Let's be honest. The things people care about from here on out are pretty simply to list:

David Price

Wade Davis

Everyone else

With such in mind, let's start with Price.

His final line: 6 innings pitched (23 batters faced), 6 strikeouts, 2 walks, 9(!) groundballs, 4 fly balls, 1 home run allowed, 105 pitches.

Of those 105, five induced swinging strikes (sub-par 4.8%), 53 were fastballs (average velocity: 93.4 MPH while the high was 96.7 MPH), 2 change-ups, and 10 sliders. I know what you're saying - that doesn't add up to 105 pitches - well that's because for whatever reason, from inning three to five, the machine did not register speed or pitch type. I don't know why, perhaps they had to reset the darn thing. All told, Price was solid. He even struck out Derek Jeter thrice. You'd like to see more whiffs from someone with his stuff but at the same time the increase in grounders is nice.