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Announcing the 2010 DRB Annual

In 31 days, the Rays pitchers and catchers will report and we'll start this whole dance all over again. With that, comes the DRB Annual. We're sticking with the free e-publication method because 1) we don't produce it for financial compensation and 2) because of 1. Anyways, this year we're going features-heavy, and that includes a laundry list of contributors. I could say the best money can buy, but it's more like persistent begging.  Without further ado, here's the scheduled participants:

Carson Cistulli with the introduction

Tommy Bennett on the creation of a fan base

Sky Kalkman on why he admires the Rays

Marc Normandin with a 2006 transactions review

Graham MacAree on Matt Garza's improvements

RZ with something good

Eno Sarris on the value of Rafael Soriano

Jason Collette with fantasy rankings

Please show these folks appreciation for their participation.

We also have some in-house features (A brief review of Rays managers and the history of the Rays' outfield prospects amongst others), player profiles, and probably a few other things to cook up.

All told, we're looking at something that should run at least 50 8x11 pages, probably closer to double that, and you'll get the entire package at no cost. The only thing we ask is that you bear with us through these next four weeks, since we're going to be juggling the e-book as well as the site and other commitments.


Also, many thanks to EminenceFront for not only designing the cover but also helping out with data entry. The crown don't make you king, but I'm convinced he wears a halo.