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Hall of Fame Eve Look At Fred McGriff's Case For Cooperstown

On the night before the 2010 Hall of Fame class is announced, I figured I would give one last look at Fred McGriff's Hall of Fame case(s). Not surprisingly, McGriff is likely to fall short of the 75% vote needed for enshrinement, at least according to the latest standings at Baseball Think Factory. Nonetheless, here are some of the articles that will hopefully help change the minds of those who didn't vote for McGriff, and help the Crime Dog gain entry into Cooperstown sooner rather than later.

My own case for Fred McGriff

John Romano's argument

Joe Henderson

Washington Times

Joshua Ryan Crawford

Gary Armida


I'm sure there are others that I missed, and hopefully even more written in the future including a retrospective by R.J. tomorrow morning. However, until he gets that call, we will continue to support "Major League Superstar" Fred McGriff.