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And So It Ends

I've never been more sad for a season to finish. This was one heck of a team, one heck of a year, and I'm going to miss spending my nights watching them and sharing in their ups and downs. Thank you to everyone in the Rays' organization for making this year possible, from the players to the coaches to the front office. I could not be more grateful for having such an amazing team to root for over all these months.

Thank you Carl Crawford, for all the memories you've given us over the years.

Thank you Rafael Soriano, for all your quirks and your badass-ness.

Thank you Carlos Pena, for being the quintessential nice guy and an awesome first baseman.

Thank you to all the others that may not be back next season, like Joaquin Benoit. You will be missed.

For now, relish in those happy memories. As Jason Hanselman said on twitter earlier, "Its been a great year rays fans never confuse the destination with the journey, the former is nice but the latter is why we keep breathing." And hey, winning the AL East two out of three years isn't half bad.