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Thank You

To the two-time AL East champs.

To the sharpest front office in the business.

To the best manager in the game.

To Zo and CC.

Longo and Los.

Balf, Benoit and MFIKY.

MVB and Briggy (both!).

The Great Pumpkin and Kaps.

Wheels and Sonny and Corms.

Price, Garza, Shields, Davis, Hellboy and The Big Nyquil.

Puffy and Boots.

Joyce and Beej.

Jaso and Shoppach.

Choate, Qualls, even Ekstrom.

Navi and Hawpe.

Deezy and Rocco and everyone else who was a part of this season.

And most of all, thanks to the best community of baseball fans on the planet for more smiles than I can count.

See you in March. I'm buying.