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This Off-Season at DRaysBay

And now, we enter into the long, dark teatime of the soul (bonus points if you get the reference). We've gotten lots of new readers and users here on DRaysBay over the course of this season, and there's no reason for you to disappear just because the season ended. We've got a busy off-season planned, with lots of unique content and analysis all winter long. Here's a brief glance at some of the things you can expect in the coming weeks/months:

  • Interviews with the Rays' front office and players - These are still in the works, but just last year we interviewed Dan Feinstein (the Rays' director of baseball operations), James Click (coordinator of baseball operations), and Andrew Friedman (you gotta know him) to name a few. 
  • Breaking news and analysis of any trade or free-agent signing - It's impossible to say how active the Rays will be this off-season, but we'll be on top of anything that may happen.
  • Predictions on what the Rays will do this off-season - If I may point out, DRaysBay was the first place to suggest last fall that the Rays should sign Joaquin Benoit. Tommy has now moved on to The Process Report, but the quality of our analysis hasn't changed.
  • Daily in-depth analysis of the Rays - Our bread and butter. The off-season provides us with time to complete more lengthy projects, so feel free to suggest ideas to us, even if they seem more ambitious.
  • Saber-newbie stuff - If you hated the tired cliches that the TBS announcers spewed every other sentence, you'll love us. We love thinking outside the box and although that can make our articles a bit tough to grasp for new readers, we're committed to teaching and to helping new people learn. We'll be updating, retooling, and expanding the Sabermetrics Library this off-season, and we'll also be producing occasional statistics refresher courses.
  • The best 2011 Rays' handbook you'll find anywhere - We're working side-by-side with The Process Report to create a unique guidebook for the 2011 season - "TPR 2011". The guide will be similar-ish to the Annuals produced here on DRB in the past, but it will have an entirely new look and focus. Be prepared for awesome-ness.

To stay abreast of all the current news and site content, give us a follow on Twitter or Facebook. Both those feeds are updated with our daily posts and with individual unique content, and they're a great way to stay in touch with the site. This should be an exciting time for the Rays, with lots of new faces and lots of new energy, so don't miss out.