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Cliff Lee Fears No Yankee

Final line from last night: 8 innings pitched, two hits, one walk, and thirteen strikeouts.

That's the best you can do, Yankees? The Rays at least got six hits off him one time, five the other, and we scored one run in each game. And for all our strikeout prone-ness, we didn't strike out 13 times (we just came darn close).

I know it's tough to compare apples-to-oranges - Lee could have had worse stuff against us, the Yankees could have been off last night, etc - but damn, that was one heck of an impressive start. To do what Lee just did against the Yankees in that ittybitty Yankee Stadium...I'm in awe. Cliff Lee is a monster of a pitcher, and he's made the postseason look like his playground the past few years.

I know it's silly, but somehow it made me feel better to watch Cliff Lee and the Rangers beat the Yankees into the ground last night. This is a darn good team, and there's no shame in losing to them.

(Also, feel free to make this picture a caption contest.)