Should the Rays Retire Number 13?

We are all aware Carl Crawford has most likely played his last game as a Tampa Bay Ray. It has been an exciting and mostly tremendous nine year run. To refresh you of some of his accomplishments, there are his nearly 1500 hits, over 400 stolen bases, 300+ batting average for five seasons, four all star game appearences including MVP of the 2009 game. This leads me to the title of my thread.

I fully support this franchise retiring the number 13 for the reasons above and a few others, which i think we need to consider

In today's baseball economy, and the Rays being what they are, a small to mid market revenue team, nine years of MLB srvice from an all star type player like Crawford is probably going to be the exception rather than the norm. We won't see the Jeter's or Mauer's under the present conditions this franchise works under.

So if we are ever going to start building a Rays history or ring of honor , Carl Crawford would be a great way to start

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