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Andrew Bellatti Pleads Guilty; Faces Up to One Year in Jail

In 2009, the Rays selected high school pitcher Andrew Bellatti in the 12th round. In January, the right-hander made a terrible decision to drive recklessly, resulting in a head-on collision that killed a man while seriously injuring two teenagers. Despite the pending legal matter, Bellatti was one of the short-season bright spots for the Rays as an 18-year old, where he struck out 8.8 per-nine while walking just 2.2 per nine for Princeton. reports that last week Bellatti agreed to plead guilty to one account of gross vehicular manslaughter which will avoid a December 6th trial. Bellatti will be sentenced on November 10th and faces up to a year in jail. Apparently the widow has made her desire for leniency known as she does not want to ruin the young man's life. Here's to hoping Bellatti emerges from this a better person and a successful baseball career will likely benefit both himself and the family of the victims.

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