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Tampa Bay Rays Return Home in Style, Greeted at Airport Like Champs

Late last night, it was announced that the Rays would be arriving back in St. Pete at 10 PM. For it being a last minute announcement late on a Sunday night, how many people would actually show up? As it turns out, a heck of a lot. Erik Hahmann and Tommy Rancel were both there, and here are a couple of their Twitter observations and videos:

TRancel It's a little loud in here

ehahmann It is PACKED at the airport waiting for Rays to land

ehahmann A "TAMPA!" "Bay!" chant has erupted at the airport

ehahmann Now a Yankees Suck chant has erupted. Nice.

Joe Maddon, Evan Longoria, and David Price spoke to the crowd, and numerous Rays signed autographs and gave high-fives to the fans. I love that something this great can happen so spontaneously.

And from the Chosen One, Reid:

reidbrignac That was awesome. We just got home and there was thousands of people waiting for us. Thanks to all the fans