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ALDS Link and Analysis: Michael Young, Cliff Lee, Ben Zobrist, and Jonah Keri

There has literally been so much content coming out over the past couple days, we haven't been able to link to all the stuff that we'd like. There have been many great analysis pieces written about the Rays-Rangers match-up already, so before we get enmeshed in yet another off-day, take a look through some of this stuff.

Playoff Preview: Treat Michael Young Like Derek Jeter - RJ Anderson looks at why Joe Maddon should implement a shift against Michael Young.

Rangers SLGCON and SwgStr% by Pitcher Handedness and Pitch Type - Jason Hanselman takes a look at the Rangers' offense and how we should pitch to them.

Playoff Preview: Cliff Lee - Spoiler Alert: He's really, really, really good. 

The Kubel Rule - The Rays just got groundrule changes approved for the playoffs. Now, hitting certain catwalks will result in a deadball.

Ben Zobrist: Power Hitter... Maybe Not - A nice look at Zobrist from an impartial third party. The only thing it's missing is his back injury and how that might have affected his power.

The Jonah Keri Podcast - Keri is starting up a podcast, and it's everything you could hope for and more.