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Links and Such: News on Matt Bush and Gregg Zaun, and a Jason Bartlett Trade Idea

There has been a lot of action in the Rays blog-o-sphere recently, with so many good articles and news tidbits that I haven't been able to keep up with promoting them here on the site. RGlass will be bringing you some fresh analysis later today, but for now enjoy these articles!

First, here's some recent news that neglected to make it to the front page here:

Rays Add Matt Bush to the 40-Man Roster

Rays Are Gregg Zaun's First Choice

And now for some free agent and trade speculation pieces:

Why Trading BJ Upton Now Makes Sense

Potential Minor League Free Agent Targets

Possible Trade Idea - Jason Bartlett and the O's

How Much is Pena Worth?

These are all great reads and I think their titles speak for themselves. Would you be willing to trade Jason Bartlett for Jim Johnson?  How much do you think Pena will get as a free agent this off-season?

Oh, and one last thing. Do you want to work with the Rays? Intern with them perhaps? Then be sure to check out this opportunity.