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Carl Crawford Wins His First Silver Slugger Award

The Gold Glove was the award that Crawford seemed to care the most about, but this is pretty cool too. From Topkin:

Another parting gift: Rays Crawford wins his first Silver Slugger Award, announced on MLB Network. Won first Gold Glove on Tuesday.

And he also stands to make a bit of money off this, as friend of the site Jason Collette points out:

With the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award, Carl Crawford gets another $50,000 in bonuses. Could haul in 300-600K if he places MVP top 10.

Not that Crawford is short on money at the moment, or will be after this off-season. News came out yesterday that the Angels have made him their top off-season priority and they're ready to spend over $100M to bring him in. Emotionally I'd have no problem with Crawford going to the Angels, but the problem is the Angels have protected first round draft picks; if Crawford went to the Angels, the Rays would not get two first-round picks and that would be disappointing. I'm still holding out hope that the Tigers will get involved...

But anyway, congrats to Crawford on winning the Silver Slugger. The mainstream love for Crawford is overdue, but at least he's finally get some.