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The Process Report 2011: Get Pumped

Some of you have likely already noticed, but for those of you that haven't, RJ Anderson recently announced this year's pre-season publication: "The Process Report 2011". While TPR11 will have features reminiscent of the pre-season DRaysBay Annuals released in the past, I want to be clear: this publication is very, very different.

RJ has always pushed the boundaries of what it was possible to do with the DRB Annuals, and The Process Report 2011 will be a giant leap forward - so much so, I would not even associate it with the past Annuals. While the Annuals were collections of articles that could have been posted online, TPR11 is going to serve as a scouting and viewing guide for the 2011 Rays. Our focus will be on conveying to you information that will enhance your viewing experience of the 2011 season.

Say you're watching a game and Wade Davis is on the mound. You know he had a rough season in 2010, so a bunch of questions come through your mind while watching him. What should I expect from him this season? Where does he need to improve for him to take a step forward? What's his best pitch? Does he struggle against a certain profile of batters or in certain situations? These are the questions we hope to answer with TPR11, providing you with a season guide that can answer all your burning questions. There will be columns, features, and player profiles, all with the same goal in mind: to make watching games more enjoyable for you.

The content will be new and fresh, the editing will be professionally done, and the layout and design will be like nothing you've seen in one of our publications before. By the time it's finished, we expect TPR11 to look and feel like a professional magazine. This will come with a cost to readers - unlike in past years, we will be charging a small fee for TPR11. It will be available in multiple forms - PDF, Kindle, and print - with the hope that everyone will be able to afford at least one of these options.

While the Annuals were released specifically on DRB, TPR11 is being produced by The Process Report and will be released on their site (although it will still feature work and input from writers here). It's a great venture and I'm very excited to be a part of it. Get pumped!