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Josh Hamilton Wins MVP Award; Longoria 6th, Crawford 7th

Congratulations to Josh Hamilton for winning the American League MVP award this afternoon. The result was never really in question after his monstrous season for the division-winning Texas Rangers. I'm happy for Hamilton, although it's upsetting to see him win the award in another uniform considering his problematic history in Tampa Bay.

More important to what we do around here, Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford finished 6th and 7th in the voting. According to Mark Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times, Crawford got one 2nd place vote, six 4th place votes, and finished with 98 points total. Longoria received two 4ths and had 100 points total.

It's a disappointing finish for Longoria considering his 6.9WAR was good for 4th in the league among hitters. What's more surprising is the amount of votes Rafael Soriano received. The closer finished 12th, getting a 4th and 5th place vote while receiving more votes than any other pitcher. That...that just shouldn't happen. But, they always will as some things never change.

Edit: Here's Mark Topkins MVP ballot. Try to resist the urge to strangle him through your PCs. I guess he forgot Evan Longoria was alive.

1. Josh Hamilton, Rangers
2. Robinson Cano, Yankees
3. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers
4. Carl Crawford, Rays
5. Paul Konerko, White Sox
6. Joe Mauer, Twins
7. Jose Bautista, Jays
8. Adrian Beltre, Red Sox
9. Vlad Guerrero, Rangers
10. Rafael Soriano, Rays