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Baseball America Ranks the Rays' Top 10 Prospects

Baseball America just released their list of the Rays' top ten prospects (thanks to Jason Collette for the news). The full article is definitely worth a read, but here's the list: 

  • Jeremy Hellickson, rhp
  • Matt Moore, lhp
  • Desmond Jennings, of
  • Jake McGee, lhp
  • Josh Sale, of
  • Alex Torres, lhp
  • Alex Colome, rhp
  • Justin O'Conner, c
  • Drew Vettleson, of
  • Jake Thompson, rhp
  • I'm not an expert on prospects or our minor leagues, so check out Rays Prospects for information and a break-down of this list. As they note, four of the players on this list were from the 2010 draft - Baseball America seems to think the Rays did pretty darn good for themselves. And holy cow, Matt Moore jumped up quite high.