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Jason Bartlett Trade Update: Cesar Ramos is Healthy

This is the saga that never finishes. After Rays Renegade noted this weekend that Cesar Ramos was on the disabled list down in the Mexican winter league, there was speculation that maybe he was injured and thus slowing down the process. Now, though, we have another twist (courtesy of Dan Hayes):

Ramos said by phone he was "100 percent healthy."


He said the DL move was made to open up a roster spot and that he had just completed the second day of his offseason throwing program.

If this is true, then it suggests Ramos may not be the pitcher holding up the trade. What if the Rays are concerned over something that showed up in Adam Russell's physical? If that's the case, I can understand the delay. Ramos isn't the attractive arm in the package, and could likely be replaced easily with another situational reliever. Russell, though, looked like he had a live arm with some upside, and was considered the real "get" in the trade. If his arm is in suspect condition, then I'd be balking at the trade too if I were the Rays.

Lips are still sealed in the Tampa Bay and San Diego front offices, so who knows when this trade will be completed. All we can do is wait and hope.