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Site News: Final Facebook Crunch, Prospects, and Contests

For those that have missed the news, SB Nation is running a promotion where any site that reaches 500 Facebook fans by the end of the year will receive $100. If we reach that goal, we'll give that $100 back to you fans - after all, you're the ones that read us all the time and made it happen - in the form of four $25 gift cards to the MLB store. The gift cards will be given away at random to four of our Facebook fans, so if you'd like to have a chance at winning a gift card, give us a "Like" below: 

EDIT: Since we've now reached 500 fans, the gift card raffle is a go. I'll pick the winners on New Years Day, so anyone that joins before then will be eligible.

Also, so you're aware, we're planning on rolling out a couple new features on the site in early 2011. We're hoping to include more prospect coverage on the site (more on that in a couple weeks), and we'll also be running a contest (with prizes!) for people to participate in. I was impressed by the response for the Crawford thank you and I want to give something back to all you readers, so I've been scouring around for deals over the past few weeks. 

Any fun contests ideas to share? Any suggestions or feedback for us staff? Anything you'd like to see more? Less? A new year is coming, so we'd love any ideas on how to improve things around here.