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'Shop/Caption Contest: This. Is. Garza.

Ol' Matt Garza is appears to be on his way out. There's a good chance the Rays are fielding some decent offers for the young right hander, and, as ol' Andrew Friedman is wont to do, the Rays will act as soon as the offer gets sweet.

And so, in preparation of this potential departure, let's have some fun with his likeness and 'shop/caption the hell out of him. The usual rules: Make the above photo hilarious/awesome via Photoshop or via inserting words into peoples' mouths. Bonus consideration for: (a) GIFs because they are awesome, (b) anti-Yankees/Sox humor, and (c) scatological humor.

And props to BaconBits for winning the last 'Shop/Caption Contest with his fine entry entitled, "Carl Cashford."