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Chad Qualls Drawing Interest From Multiple Teams

From MLB Trade Rumors:

The A's are one of six teams with legitimate interest in Chad Qualls, the reliever's agent told Joe Stiglich of the Bay Area News Group (Twitter links). Alan Hendricks acknowledged that he has spoken with the Athletics, but says no "substantial" discussions have taken place yet.

This is very good news. Since Qualls is a Type B free agent, if he signs a major league contract with another club, the Rays will receive a supplemental first round draft pick. When Qualls initially declined arbitration, the fear was that he might end up signing a minor league contract with a team, therefore losing the Rays a pick. However, with six teams showing interest, that seems rather unlikely now.

The Rays currently have five extra first round draft picks in the 2011 draft: one for Hawpe, one for Choate, one for Benoit, and two for Crawford. They still have the potential to add five more depending on what happens with Balfour, Soriano, and Qualls, but only time will tell. Right now, though, things are looking good for Qualls netting us a pick.