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The Hall of Fame Vote: Who Would You Choose?

With Hall of Fame results being announced early next week, the baseball universe has been swamped with articles and debates concerning who should get in and who shouldn't. As each writer has unveiled their ballot, the debate just gets more and more heated, until we're all sick of it and want the darn results announced already.

While the Hall of Fame ballot doesn't concern Rays fans much yet - Fred McGriff is on the ballot for the second time after getting 21% of the vote last year, but he's the only past D-Ray on the ballot - it's a fun baseball debate and I'd love to hear what people in this community think. If you had a ballot, who would you vote for? Would you vote for McGriff or not? Would you chose Blyleven, Morris, or both? In other years I'd possibly vote for McGriff, but in my mind, this year has a very deep ballot:

Position players on the HoF ballot

Pitchers on the HoF ballot

If you prefer to look at a different type of WAR graph, these visuals from Beyond the Boxscore are also a great reference. And of course, Joe Posnanski has a must-read take on who deserves to get in.