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Report: Rays Interested In Brian Fuentes

Per Mark Topkin:

They appear to be very interested in free-agent lefthander Brian Fuentes, and are trying to add him to the back end of their rebuilt bullpen

Fuentues had a 3.85FIP/4.54xFIP last year for the Angles and Twins, and has a career 9.82 K/9. The Rays represent a contender with openings in the bullpen, specifically at closer though I'm not sure the Rays would automatically slot him there. His career against right handed bats isnt terrible, 4.08FIP/4.32xFIP, but over the last two years those numbers have balooned to 5.26/5.37 and 4.70/5.27. However, if he comes cheap enough (he did make $9 million last season) I wouldn't be against the addition.