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Thank You, Carl Crawford: Another Update

This note appeared in today's St. Petersburg Times:

The bloggers are taking donations for an ad (full disclosure, to run in our tbt* publication) thanking Carl Crawford for his contributions.

Thank you, Marc Topkin and crew!

For those of you that haven't heard of our goal yet, you can read the entire story (it's not long) here. If you don't feel like looking back, though, here's the summarized version:

  • Carl Crawford has spent nine spectacular seasons with our franchise, longer than most players stay with one team these days. He's been a generous member of our Tampa Bay community, and we feel he deserves our thanks and gratitude for his time here.
  • The day the Thank You note runs in the paper, we'll be collecting personal notes to be forwarded on to Crawford. We'll also (hopefully) be collecting donations to be made in Crawford's name to a local Tampa Bay charity. The charity donation idea was brought up by one of our readers, and we're working on making it a reality.
  • You can donate to our project by going to our page at Ulule below. When you make your donation, money will not be taken from your account unless we reach out minimum goal of $2,875. If we fail to reach our goal by next Sunday (December 12), all donations will become void and you won't be charged. If we reach our goal, though, all donations will be processed on that Sunday and your account will be charged.
  • We're only $1,000 away! Thanks again to all the generous donors who have already given.