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DRB Winter Meetings News and Updates Thread

The other thread was a bit crowded, so check back here throughout the day for updates from Erik. You can find updates from Tommy and Jason over at ESPN 1040.

Edit 5:23pm: According to Jen Royle of MASN's Twitter, the Rays would like LF Nolan Riemold in a package that would send Bartlett to Baltimore. That would be interesting to say the least.

Edit 4:13pm: It appears the Mariners and Yankees are interested in Matt Diaz as a platoon outfielder. The Rays hadn't expressed interest publically, but Diaz is someone they still may explore.

Edit 4:03pm: Mark Topkin reports the Blue Jays are seriously interested in Carlos Pena. Also, Tim Brown of Yahoo reports the Rays were talking to the Orioles about Bartlett in the same type of deal that landed Mark Reynolds.

Edit 3:41pm: Arizona's GM Kevin Towers was just quoted saying it's "highly unlikely" Justin Upton gets traded. To those of you that were still holding out hope, I think you can let go now.

Edit 3:28pm: From the Mark Reynold trade press release, Amanda Rykoff noted an interesting kernel on the O's prospect Josh Bell. While Reynolds is primarily a third baseman, the Orioles are claiming this trade "doesn't necessarily block his path." Are they thinking of playing him at first base, or moving Reynolds around instead?

Edit 2:53pm: Slow going at the moment. From Tommy, here's a pic of Ozzie Guillen talking with the press. Otherwise, one of Andy Pettitte's friends says he's thinking of retiring. Talk about non-news...

Buster Olney is stating the Royals are asking for way too much for Zack Grienke. The Blue Jays are considered one of the top suitors for him, so that's fine with me. If other teams can't get Grienke, maybe it will make Garza seem like a more reasonably priced option. 

Edit 2:30pm: According to Jon Heyman, multiple teams (Yankees, Red Sox, Jay, and Mets) are interested in catcher Russell Martin. We know the Red Sox and Yankees could use more depth at catcher, and Martin isn't likely to cost much.

Also, Ed Price throws the Yankees into the Matt Diaz pot. It sounds as though there are multiple teams interested in Diaz, so it seems as though the Rays' odds of acquiring him are getting slim.

Edit 2:10pm: The Dodgers and Astros are two teams reported to be interested in non-tendered outfielder Matt Diaz. There has been talk around DRB about Diaz being a cheap DH option, so it's worth following how much interest he receives. 

Edit 2:06pm: Tommy Rancel is reporting that Ozzie Guillen is stating that either Matt Thornton or Chris Sale will be the White Sox's closer in 2011. This appears to rule out the idea of them re-signing Bobby Jenks.

Steve's Note: Let's give Erik some credit so far: he's been rocking it for us here all morning (or at least, Carson Cistulli and me think so). And thanks to Jason and Tommy for popping in words too and keeping up with coverage on ESPN 1040; this has been quite incredible so far.

To keep this more streamlined and easier to follow, I reversed the chronology on these updates. Now, the most recent updates will be at the top of the page. Hopefully that should make things simpler for everyone.

Edit 1:25pm: Things have slowed down here around lunch, so it's time to take a longer look at one of the rumors. The Brewers are still intent on trading for another starting pitcher and are willing to offer centerfielder Lorenzo Cain in return. While he had a nice rookie season this past year, posting a .344 wOBA and 1.2 WAR in only 158 PA, I don't see that being a big enough package to bring in Matt Garza. If that's the best the Brewers can do now that they traded Brett Lawrie, then my guess is the Rays are out on this one. Anyway, why would the Rays need another centerfielder?

Also, Steve Phillips has stated that four teams - Cubs, Red Sox, Mets, Diamondbacks - are interested in Dan Wheeler.

Edit 1:08pm: The Padres have talked to the Rays about Bartlett, according to Jayson Stark. They're not likely to trade Heath Bell right now ("off the table"), but their set-up men are options and the Rays have shown interest.

Edit 1:05pm: Buster Olney is reporting that the Angels are focusing in on Rafael Soriano. Early guesses on money is between $30-$40 million with no years specified yet.

Edit 12:50pm: Several teams interested in Bill Hall. He made himself a lot of money with his nice season in Boston. Also the Red Sox viewed the White Sox as their main competition for Gonzalez, says Jayson Stark.

Edit 12:15pm: SI_JonHeyman Mark reynolds traded to orioles for pitchers henandez and micklio.

Edit 11:49am: SI_JonHeyman theriot is #cardinals ss at least "for now." Don't count them out on bartlett. So far, asking price on bartlett just 2 rich for cards

Edit 11:45: Buster Olney and others are reporting that the Mark Reynolds deal is pending a physical. It sounds as though the deal is Reynolds for David Hernandez and Kam Mickolio. Great, more power in the AL East.

Edit 11:35: Padres having presser to officially announce Gonzalez trade. Said they talked to seven our eight teams involving Gonzalez. Hoyer said three other teams were deep in Gonzalez talks but Red Sox were most aggressive. Also said that the Gonzalez deal does not effect status of Heath Bell who Hoyer said "will be our closer in 2011"

Edit 11:30: Not much going on right now at the meetings. It appears like MLB is setting up for another press conference. Orioles trading relievers for Mark Reynolds seems like it will happen any minute now, Red Sox in Fuentes.

Edit 11:25am: The internet connection here is worse than you'd get at your local public library. Awful.

Edit: 11:20am:  SI_JonHeyman #redsox and others in on brian fuentes

Edit 10:58: SI_JonHeyman :New #dbacks gm kevin towers wants relievers, and likely trade of reynolds to #orioles is expected to net pitching    

Edit 10:49am: According to Britt Ghiroli the O's are "making progress" in acquiring Mark Reynolds.

Edit 10:13am: Pat Gillick elected to the Hall of Fame. A well deserved honor for him. However it is a shame that Marvin Miller fell one vote short of election.