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Dioner Navarro, Dodgers Close to a Deal

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In a development that probably eliminates any chance two-time All-Star and former Gold Glove catcher Russell Martin will remain with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the club is close to a one-year agreement with the catcher Martin replaced more than four years ago, free agent Dioner Navarro.

I think I speak for the entire Tampa Bay community when I say, "Thank goodness that's over." Dioner Navarro seemed like he had so much promise when the Rays acquired him from the Dodgers back in 2006, and four and a half seasons later, he's fallen well short of expectations. His plate discipline all but disappeared (he used to clock in around a 10% walk rate), his power never developed, his defense never improved, and his attitude got surly when the Rays demoted him to the minors this season. Especially with the unexpected emergence of John Jaso this season, I'm very, very glad to see Navarro head out the door.

That said, it's sad that Navarro's relationship with the Rays had to end on such a sour note. Lest we forget, Navarro was an All-Star in 2008 and although his performance that year was unsustainable, he was a big player in our run to the World Series. He's only 27 years old, so it's still possible that he'll turn his career around while playing in the weaker NL West division.

And so Navarro, despite your .194 batting average and .242 wOBA this past year, I feel like we deserve to give you a bit of a send off. If nothing else, thanks for all the Photoshop memories:

53289744_medium's all, folks!