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The Rays And The Clutch

In lieu of writing anything significant, since nothing significant is happening, I decided to dive back into the splits at FanGraphs.  I took a look at the career wOBA in high leverage situations for Rays players who are likely getting the bulk of the at bats this season.  Players like Crawford, Pena, and Burrell will obviously have the most PA in HL situations, so put more trust in their numbers than you would someone like Aybar, etc.


Player PA wOBA
Shoppach 86 0.172
Bartlett 211 0.329
Crawford 424 0.355
Upton 211 0.329
Joyce 36 0.459
Kapler 151 0.283
Longoria 109 0.419
Zobrist 110 0.404
Pena 366 0.395
Navarro 196 0.229
Aybar 127 0.345
Burrell 523 0.369

Some observations:


-Pat Burrell doesn't seem to care about the situation he's in.  His .369 wOBA in high leverage is good, but it barely differs from low or medium leverage where it sits at .365 and .363


-Dioner Navarro's number is bad, but his highest in any of the three situations is just .307.

-Navarro's catching counterpart, Kelly Shoppach's HL wOBA is dismal, and far down from his low and medium (.346, .359).  Needless to say, we don't want the Rays catchers coming up in any key situations.


-Crawford's .355 wOBA is his highest in any situation, same with Pena and his .395, while Upton's .329 is his lowest.

-Did you happen to notice how Bartlett and Upton have the exact same number of PAs and the exact same wOBA?  While Bartlett is considered clutch in the eyes of many, Upton is seen as the opposite.  Perception =/= reality. 


-Though Longoria and Zobrist have young careers, each has hit extremely well in high leverage situations.  So far, theirs is a case where perception does seem to equal reality.

-He certainly cannot maintain a .459 wOBA, but so far in his young career Matt Joyce has been a destroyer of worlds.  It's nice to look at for the time being.