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Special Thanks Before the Annual Drops

Thursday mornings typically begin with some form of analysis from yours truly. However, today is a day reserved for greatness. For today the massive 2010 Annual will be released.  I wanted to take a brief moment while we all wait for the ball to drop to thank R.J. Anderson for working so hard to make his baby a reality. Usually its his gig to post  anniversary announcements, website traffic milestones, and readership thanks. Along with that responsibility comes a good deal of modesty. Not today. Like Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena, make sure you appreciate R.J. putting so much time into this blog while he is here. He's destined for great things ahead and I look forward to watching it happen.

Thanks to Tommy Rancel for affording me the opportunity to join the team last year. Its a great privilege to write alongside such a talented cast of writers/analysts. From Tommy's analysis and work on the radio to Erik's hard-hitting interviews to Hellicksonstine's unique analysis and interpretation of data to Slowinski helping to bridge the gap between exceptional writing and a love of statistics to RZ's one-of-a-kind visual presentations and deep understanding of pitch fx, I think looking back 2010 will be remembered as the glory year of DRB. A cast this talented on a free team blog does not come around very often. Of course as R.J. would say, none of this would be possible or worthwhile without having an amazing readership and commenting body. So here's to an incredible 2010 season for the Rays and for DRB. Go Rays!