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The 2010 DRaysBay Annual

Here's what you're getting:

The Intro by Carson Cistulli
Garza's Flame by Graham MacAree
The Efficient Rotation by Tommy Rancel
Hope for Price's Slider? by RZ
SLGCON Meltdown by Andy Hellickstone
The Managing Atheist by R.J. Anderson
Prospects in the Outfield by Tommy Rancel
A Primer on Attendance by Steve Slowinski
Deserved Wins by Andy Hellickstone
The Value of Rafael Soriano by Eno Sarris
The Rays & The Dow by Tommy Bennett
The Buchholz High Missile Crisis by R.J. Anderson
Ace of the Rays by Tommy Rancel
A Divisional Preview by Marc Normandin
The Fantasy Section by Jason Collette
Cult Classics by Steve Slowinski
What LaMar Left by Free Zorilla
Revisiting Crawford/Clemente by Tommy Rancel
Carlos Pena :) by R.J. Anderson
The Outro by R.J. Anderson
Best of DRB: 2009-2010
Meet the Rays' Front Office
Andrew Friedman (VP of Baseball Ops)
Dan Feinstein (Director of Baseball Ops)
Matt Arnold (Director of Pro Scouting)
James Click (Coordinator of Baseball Operations)
Erik Neander (Baseball Operations Assistant)

Here's where you get it: drbannual2010 (Right-click, save as)

Here's the cost:

I'd like to thank all the contributors as well as EminenceFront for the cover. Somehow we turned a 26,000 word publication from last year into a 52,000 word publication without losing quality. Unlike the profiles, we did edit these pieces as best as humanly possible. It's 52,000 words. Typos are going to sneak in no matter if it's Hahmann reading or Rob Neyer. Also, any formatting issues are my fault.

As for the printing question: we went ravenously after a book deal, it just didn't work out. Maybe next year, or maybe we'll just keep this thing all within our control. I don't know.