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Open Suggestion Box

In case you haven't noticed in between writing the annual and maintaining daily site coverage we have been trying to do a little house cleaning/improvement before the season rolls around. One of the things we've been tossing around behind the scenes is what can we add content wise that will further our goal of being the one stop shop for Rays content?

The most obvious piece of the puzzle seems to be fantasy content. Like certain things about the DRaysBay community, it isn't for everyone, but I'd assume a large number of readers/writers at least dabble in the world of fantasy baseball. We're not going to overdue it with fantasy stuff, but we'll start with an open thread, maybe weekly or bi-weekly, and see how that goes. If there is a demand for more in the way of a few fantasy-slanted features, we'll also try that as well.

After the fantasy aspect, we want to know what else you would like to see incorportated into the DRB Universe. Of course, our bread and butter will remain progressive statistical analysis about the Tampa Bay Rays with reason discussion encourgaged. The way we go about analyzing games, players, and transactions in addition to covering breaking news and exclusive interviews will not change except for all of us becoming a more enlightened fanbase (we hope). Beyond what we already have in place, I am posing this question to you...what would you like to see added (within reason) in order to make DRaysBay more complete?