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I'll Be in the Sky

Over the last year and a half I've witnessed friends like Sky Kalkman, Peter Bendix, and Graham Goldbeck write farewell posts at BTB. I didn't take notes, but I wish I had.

This is my 2,322nd post at DRaysBay and ostensibly last. True, I said when I walked away, I would rather it come at the end of the season than the beginning, but the heart is ultimately fickle. Given circumstances that reach beyond the community, I simply can no longer dedicate myself to this site with the required levels of creativity and ambition.

I'd rather focus on the sweet than the sour, so I'd like to thank Tommy, Erik, and the rest of the staff. Jake Larsen for bringing me on board, Patrick L. Kennedy for pushing me to improve, David Bloom for creating the place, about a zillion different writers and analysts for inspiring and educating me, the SBN tech team, the Rays for being unflinchingly kind and open, and anyone who's ever traded their time for my ramblings.

I'm excited about this season:  For the Rays, for myself, and for this site. Tommy is the hardest working guy on this network and his vision is the reason this place has blown up. He has three of the most creative datahounds around and two fantastic writers in Erik and Steve. He also has a hilarious, intelligent, and at times too daring for their own good community full of users whose usernames are etched into my brain. Oh, and Bob R. I always wanted to come off 10% as knowledgeable and thoughtful as Bob. I doubt if I'll ever reach that level though.

Bendix finished his farewell with this Branch Rickey quote. I'd like to steal that from him:

"Never surrender opportunity for security."