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Rays & Carl Crawford To Discuss Contract Extension


I usually dismiss most talks during spring training as just that; however, some important talks are tentatively scheduled for next week. According to Jon Morosi of, Andrew Friedman is hoping to speak with Carl Crawford and his representation next week about a possible extension.

"It’ll be something that we’ll address more, probably next week," Friedman said. "I don’t want to get into it too much. I’d imagine it’s something people want to know more about, and rightfully so. We’ll kind of give a brief update of where things are and leave it at that. My guess is Carl won’t want to talk about it much beyond that, and neither will we."                                                   

Both sides have expressed interest in a deal, but I still fail to see how the numbers match up (5yr/80 mil?). Crawford's future will be a storyline all season, but apparently the contract talks will not go past Port Charlotte. It looks as if the extension talks are at a "now or never" point with both sides showing an unwillingness to negotiate in season. 

Who says nothing interesting happens in Spring Training?