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Moments with Maddon, Pt. 2

I had so much fun with the last Moments with Maddon, I figured what the hey, let's do it again. Here's another hypothetical situation for you to ponder...

Bottom of the seventh inning, no outs. Gabe Kapler is on first, Dioner Navarro is at the plate, and Jason Bartlett on deck. The Rays are facing the Yankees and the score is currently tied at four. A.J. Burnett is on the mound, but the Yanks have right-handers Phil Hughes and Alfredo Aceves warming in the pen. The Rays' bench is still full and consists of Kelly Shoppach, Willy Aybar, Sean Rodriguez, and Matt Joyce.

The situation might seem similar to last week, but it's got a couple of its own intricacies. If you need even more information than what I have provided you with, feel free to fill in the blanks yourself and answer in the comments below.