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The Last Annual Hype Post of the Year, I Promise

I was a few hundred words into my opus on psychological egoism and then I read Carson Cistulli's DRB Annual intro and I deleted the entire thing. Inadequacy is a horrible feeling and a production killer - ask Dioner. So instead of that, here's a post that only exists to pimp the annual. Last time before the 19th, I promise. My points:

  • It's not finalized, but we're already over 30,000 words. The final version of last year had something like 26,500 words. So yes, more bang for your buck.
  • Fantastic analysis on David Price and Matt Garza. Graphs, screen grabs, and charts. The whole shebang from those two chapters alone.
  • Trance L examines how the Rays have avoided signing a free agent starting pitcher since Andrew Friedman grabbed the reins.
  • Hellickstone's ridiculously long and detailed evaluation of batters. It's everything you would want to know about the Rays' hitters ... if you were the opposing pitcher.

2/19 can't come soon enough.