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The Rainy Day Blues: Photo Caption Contest #4

It's been a while since our last caption contest and we do need to get our memes into the best shape of their lives, so get the creative part of your brain warmed up.  Remember to rec your favorite responses.

Kathy Willens - AP

The winners from the last contest can be found after the jump.

Here is the original photo: 

And the winner, in the category of "This-is-a-caption-contest-not-a-photoshop-contest-dumbo", goes to hallax3 with, "Having played almost every position on the field, Zobrist thought he'd try pitching for a change."  Pure brilliance.

There were also many great photoshop entries, but this one by Mary Mark's Third Nipple takes the cake:

One of my personal favorites.  I hope to see it liberally during Game Day Threads.