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3/14/10 GDT: Tampa Bay Rays @ Detroit Tigers

When: 1:05pm

Where: Joker Marchant Stadium

Rays probable pitchers:  RH Jeff Niemann, RH Jeff Bennett, RH Richard De Los Santos, RH Mike Ekstrom, RH Heath Rollins

Tigers probable pitchers:  RH Rick Porcello, LH Brad Thomas, LH Fu-Te Ni, RH Joel Zumaya

Rodriguez, RF
Upton, CF
Longoria, 3B
Pena, 1B
Aybar, 2B
Burrell, DH
Brignac, SS
Ruggiano, LF
Jaso, C

So much for not working Aybar at 2B.

For those wondering when we're going to see Soriano and Howell, Soriano is slated to pitch Wednesday against the Twins and Howell will pitch Thursday against the Yankees.