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Weekly Recap 3/15 - 3/21

With the season so close that we can taste it's salty, acrid breath hot against our throats I thought now would be a good time to introduce a new weekly series that I hope the readership will find to be a good resource.  I'm sure you have noticed that with all the quality writing that comes out on a daily basis that great topics end up getting pushed off the page in only a day or two. 

This is a good problem to have (think Sean Rodriguez, Matt Joyce, Reid Brignac type of problem) and hopefully these weekly recaps will keep some of your favorite topics front-of-mind a little bit longer.  The aim is to stir up dialogue after everyone has had a few days to let the ideas marinate and to take into account new information that may have come through.  Use the comments to rehash thoughts on each topic (please put the title of the article in the subject line).  Who loves you and who do you love?  Without further adieu it's time to start recapping!

The Tampa Bay Rays Quest for the 1,000 Inning Rotation

Tommy took a look at what is becoming an increasingly rare phenomenon, a 5-man staff compiling une mille innings. 

Rays Projected WAR - 2010

I calculated and compiled the Rays positional players projected WAR using an average of the common projection numbers.

Jeff Niemann = Andy Sonnanstine?

Erik made an interesting comparison between 2009's surprise starter with 2008's biggest surprise

The Rays and the AL East: 2010 Projected Standings

Steve fed us a dose of reality when it comes to the various projection systems based on their use of the 50th percentile.

3/16/10 GDT: Boston Red Sox @ Tampa Bay Rays

Various things made out with each other until Reich Raccoon made an appearance, Rays shut out Boston 7-0 behind Wade Davis and Andy Sonnanstine's dueling solid 4-inning stints.

Dan Wheeler is the Rays Right-Hand Man

Tommy reminded us that Mountain Man Dan Wheeler is really, really good against righties, not as good against lefties.

3/17/10 GDT: Minnesota Twins @ Tampa Bay Rays

St. Paddy's Day, Rays wore green hats, won 5-2, made green hats and beer a new tradition.  Also, a Sori sighting.

Rays Defeat Twins 5-2

Erik dropped knowledge, what else is new.

Three Year Aggregate Spring Training Numbers

FreeZo did some serious compiling and we found out that The March Hammer has been even better than we thought.

Is Sonnanstine-Davis Really an Open Competition?

FreeZo reminded us that these two are probably closer than we think and that it might not all come down to who's better now.

3/18/10 GDT: Tampa Bay Rays @ New York Yankees

Pena got his first hit (DINGER!) and we were reminded how Jeff Bennett has no business being on a ML field.

Will the Hit By Pitch Keep Declining

Spurred by the silly Cliff Lee suspension, RZ took a look at historical HBP/game rates and noticed a recent downward trend.

Bullpen Chaining: How Valuable is Rafael Soriano to the Rays?

Steve used Sky's new toy to give us a new idea of what exactly Sori means to this team.  Fitting that news that Peezy will miss the first month is announced shortly after.

3/19/10 GDT: New York Yakees @ Tampa Bay Rays

Part two of a pivotal home-and-home with the enemy.  Rays won 6-2 over a NYY ss.  Niemann looked real strong.

J.P. Howell Could Start Season Season on DL

Tommy delivers some devastating news, much conjecture ensued. 

Andrew Friedman: Trade Master Extraordinaire

Steve took a look at some of our trades and how others are finally starting to pick up on this.

3/20/10 GDT:  Minnesota Twins @ Tampa Bay Rays

Sternfan made a funny, Navi got hurt on a collision, Rays lost, Price was not impressive, blah

Dioner Navarro Carted Off Field With Left Leg Injury

E-Dawg gave us an update on Navi's injury including an update from Friedmanster

Sunday Morning Odds and Ends

Steve looked at some things that are interesting, to say the least


I hope everyone takes a couple of minutes to comment on your favorite posts or at least to review some of the interesting conclusions that we were able to come to as an intelligent community.