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Matt Joyce Remains A Question Mark For Opening Day.

I'm starting to think the Rotoworld widget is just bad luck.

Matt Joyce, sidelined with an elbow issue for the last few weeks, will continue to be out of action, at least defensively, for the time being. Joyce started at DH yesterday, and belted a solo home run, but remains uncomfortable throwing the ball. He provides little value as a DH on a team with Pat Burrell and Hank Blalock.

With Gabe Gross in Oakland, the right field job was his for the taking; however, this latest news may have pushed back those plans. Ben Zobrist is more than capable of holding down right field against right-handers with our best kept secret, Sean Rodriguez, playing second base. Gabe Kapler would continue to play against lefties with Zobrist moving back to second base.

One name to keep an eye on is Justin Ruggiano. After a trip to the swing mechanic, Ruggiano has impressed with his power this spring. On the other hand, Ruggiano is right-handed, and with Kapler also a righty, it probably wouldn't be the best fit.