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Rays Beat Blue Jays 14-10 as Longoria, Upton Go Deep

Offensively, the Rays were on fire today. After having a nice day at the plate yesterday, BJ Upton one-upped himself, going 2-3 with a home run and a double. Evan Longoria also put on quite the show, racking up three hits, one of which was a home run.  Shoppach, Bartlett, and Rodriguez each picked up two hits, with Shoppach cracking two doubles. Considering that Zobrist and Pena weren't even in the line-up, it was a pretty impressive outburst from the Rays.

The Rays' pitching, though, was another story. Wade Davis allowed four runs over 5.2 innings, giving up ten hits and two walks while only striking out three. He did make the Jays pound the ground some (9:5 GB/FB), but overall it wasn't a great showing by Davis. Andy Sonnanstine entered the game in the 7th inning and pitched the last three innings. He let up his fair share of hits (6 H), but he also suffered from some errors; he needed to get the equivalent of five outs to get out of the 7th inning. On a positive note, Sonny didn't walk anyone over those three innings.

Not much else to say, seeing that I wasn't able to watch or listen to the game. Heck, even some accurate GameDay data would give us more of an idea of how our pitchers looked. Oh well, only eleven more days....