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Rays Win Team Best 19th Spring Training Game; Beat Twins 10-3

I think we're all getting a little stir crazy at this point, waiting for the real action to begin. As such, I'm not going to bother running through the game tonight since it's all right there in the box score if you want to see. Zobrist hit two doubles, Balfour pitched well, Davis walked people, S-Rod stayed hot...blah blah blah. The results don't matter as much as we'd like to think they do and in a little under six days, they won't matter at all anyway. I'm tired of trying to draw water from these stones.

The bigger drama today, in my mind, was posturing on who will fill the last roster slots. Tommy already gave us a great look at the "battle" between Mike Ekstrom and Joaquin Benoit, and the final bench spot has become a contest between Hank Blalock and Reid Brignac. The Rays only have a couple more days to make the final decisions and roster moves, so expect the answer sometime soon:

"Manager Joe Maddon said the Rays are closing in on making their final roster decisions, and that he will talk with exec VP Andrew Friedman either tonight or Thursday morning."  -Topkin     

One last thing. According to Jayson Stark, "4 of the last 6 teams that had the best spring record in MLB made the postseason." The Rays are currently the head of the pack, but take that statement for what it is - a fun fact. It implies that teams that do exceptionally well in Spring Training tend to be good teams overall, which makes sense but doesn't have much predictive power for this season. It's a small sample that Stark is dealing with and anyway, the Rays could win 90+ games and still fall short of the playoffs in their division. I think we all knew this, but I figured it's worth re-iterating.