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MaddonSpeak: Who is Joe Talking About?


Manager Joe Maddon usually makes for a fun quirky interview. Spring training usually offers a wonderful array of cliches. Put them together and you have the first edition of MaddonSpeak.  Below are 5 quotes regarding players in Rays camp. See if you can identify who the skipper is referring to. Answers in the morning:

1. "It's how he goes about his business. His work is so good, and the players can see that, everybody else can see that, the coaches can see that. If you were able to sit in on the meeting that we had with him … he's very impressive … conversationally and with his actions."

2. "We've had so many mini-conversations about him, because athletically, he's everything you're looking for. On top of that, he's a switch-hitter and he's got power, and he's playing all these positions."

3."I've really kind of enjoyed watching him. He's actually kind of funny in a very quiet way. He's got a lot of selfconfidence. Yeah, I'm really eager to see him."

4. "I think he can be a very significant contributor offensively. It's up to him, as we move this thing along and he gets more playing time. He definitely has the abilities. The physical abilities are really high-end offensively. Easy swing, a good disciplined strikezone, the ball comes off the bat hot, he uses the whole field. He's got all of that going on."

5."He just has a good feel for this game, he sees things, he makes reads, his mind is in advance of the situation automatically. That's what I'm really impressed about...He does not waste any moments out there, he doesn't turn it off for like 10 seconds and try to turn it back on. He knew exactly what he wanted to do at every moment at second base yesterday. We work hard to teach guys that, but he already knows how to do this...I think what you saw, what he is, is pretty much innate."

I assume those who scored 100% religiously follow the beat writers or are certfied Masters of the Googleverse.


1.Sean Rodriguez - truly could have been anyone

2. Seems to describe Zobrist to a tee, except those would ne mega-conversations rather than mini. The correct answer is that Elliot Johnson is everything that you are looking for athletically.

3. Hellickson- though Jennings or Rodriguez seemingly would have worked

4.  Joyce- Hot bat, discipline and playing time made this the easiest of the five.

5. Deezy - 2nd base refers to baserunning.