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Series Preview: 4/12-4/14 Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles

The Rays begin an 11-day, 10-game road trip today with a familiar opponent in Baltimore. The Rays took two out of three from the Oriolesi n the opening series and had a chance for the sweep with the bases loaded in the ninth inning. The O's hosted the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend and were swept out of their own yard. The Rays hope to do the same in Birdland this week.

4/12 Matt Garza vs. Jeremy Guthrie

4/13 Jeff NIemann vs. Brian Matusz

4/14 David Pricevs. Brad Bergensen

The first two match-ups are repeats from last week's series. Matt Garza dominated the Orioles for eight innings and looks for more of the same. The Rays offense got eight hits off Guthrie the first time around, but only three runs. Guthrie used his slider quite a bit, however, he did not register a curve ball in the last start.

Jeff Niemann was cruising before taking a Miguel Tejada line drive off his right shoulder on Thursday. With Andy Sonnanstine working in relief on Sunday, all indications are the Big NyQuil will make this start without any problems. On the offensive side, the Rays let Matusz off the hook after the young lefty allowed just two runs despite allowing two hits and five walks in five innings. The kid has phenomenal stuff so the Rays best bet is to get to him early.

The first non-repeat match-up features David Price against 2009 surprise, Brad Bergensen. More than a few people have said Price was at his best on Friday night. He'll have to be good once again against another tought AL East lineup. Bergensen is pretty much the Orioles version of Andy Sonnanstine. He has average stuff, and is a control pitcher who must locate.