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DRB: The Podcast

A podcast is something we've been talking about doing for a while now, and I'm excited to announce that it's finally coming to fruition. Beginning sometime this weekend we will start recording a 30-45 minute weekly DRaysBay podcast. The show will be hosted by Bobby Fenton and co-hosted by Tommy and myself.  Now instead of just reading our opinions/analysis you'll get to listen to us, almost like we're real live humans!

First off, a huge thanks goes out to Michael Ranon (user name goopunch), the station manager at USF Bulls Radio WMNF 88.5AM. Without him this venture would be infinitely more difficult. Michael has been gracious enough to allow us to use the USF Radio studio to record the podcast. This past weekend Tommy, Bobby Fenton, and I went and took a look at the facilities. They're fantastic and 1,000x better than anything we could have scraped together on our own. So thanks again, Michael.

A second thanks goes out to Bobby Fenton for not only agreeing to host the show, but for the level of enthusiasm he's shown for it. You all may know Bobby from his morning show on 1010am that aired two years ago in the Tampa Bay area.

Now, on to the show.

Obviously the show will focus on the Rays, but it will also take a look at other goings on in the AL East. Since this show will mostly cater to readers of this site, we'd like to hear any and all feedback you have. The more prepared we are the better the show will be. So in the comments feel free to leave suggestions for the following:

-We already have an idea of a name for the show, but we're always willing to listen to other suggestions.

-What types of topics would you like to hear discussed on the show?

-What guests would you like us to feature?

-Is 30-45 minutes too long? Too short?

-Any other ideas you may have for the show are welcome. Feel free to leave them in the comments or e-mail me with any at

Everyone involved is super excited to get this show up and running. We'll take your suggestions and record the first show sometime this week, working out the kinks as we go along.

Thanks in advance, and we look forward to your suggestions.