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This And That: Run Efficiency, Velocity, Jaso Love, VOPB, and More

Sorry no one topic committed here or any pretty graphs. Just some thoughts and observations I had recently.

  • Don't see any reason why the Rays will send Jaso back down to Durham once Shoppach gets back. His regression won't be that bad compared to some other catcher on the team.
  • The addition of Joaquin Benoit brings another legitimate flame thrower in the pen as I'm sure he surprised many fans yesterday hitting 94-95 in his Ray debut. Grant Balfour's is up a little, hitting 93-94 recently. And James Shields who is underrated in velocity has had his best average in his career according to BIS data.
  • The Rays don't play the Twins until July. Would be cool if both teams are still on top.
  • Pat Burrell has zero runs above average (wRAA). That's right zippo. But he does have a WPA of .36.
  • Speaking of WPA, Ben Zobrist has the worst out of the Rays hitters with a -.66.
  • Scott Kazmir and Jason Hammel were two starters that were traded last season. Both have been on the DL this season. Hmm...
  • On Wednesday, the Rays as a team had a wOBA of around .340+. Above average, but surprisingly they were only in 7th or 8th place even though they had the most runs in the Majors. How did that happen? I quickly flipped over to Baseball Reference split pages and saw that they were ahead in OPS with runners on base by a good 50 points with about a .930. They are driving them in when they get on as we see with those numerous multi-run innings. The split has even out a little since Wednesday with the D-Backs not to far behind and the Rays now sporting a .355 wOBA for fourth best. Numbers for hitting with men on is a split that I expect to regress greatly over the next month or two from the .900 OPS range to maybe around .800 (the Yankees had a .822 OPS last season, Rays .796). The Rays will hit well overall but I can't see them keeping up the offensive blowouts all season long. It might start dwindle down come the west coast road trip next week.
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