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Tampa Bay Rays Sign Logan Kensing

The Rays have signed Logan Kensing to a minor league contract. Kensing, 27, will report to extended spring training, and will likely join the Durham Bulls some time after that. At this point, he is more of a project than an answer to the current bullpen situation.

Kensing has spent most of his career with the Florida Marlins, but did see some time with as the Nationals closer last season. The righty has pitched in 134 major league games, but with little success. His 5.81 ERA is nearly as ugly as his 5.44 FIP.

Kensing does have a decent K/9 of 7.99, but his BB/9 is near five (4.92). His HR/9 is pretty high at 1.57. For a flyball pitcher (44.5%) , his home run to fly ball rate of 12.8% is elevated. With a normalized HR rate, his xFIP drops to 5.03, but still below replacement level.

Kensing does have a live arm, and because of that he's worth a low-risk opportunity. His fastball lives in the mid-to-upper 90s and he has a slider in the low 80s. He introduced a cutter last season which falls in between the velocity of the fastball and slider. His career contact rate of 80.1% is respectable.

Right now the move seems like one for organizational depth; however you can sometimes catch lightning in a bottle with these fastball/slider pitchers. Welcome, Logan.